I'll be Cary Grant, you be Deborah Kerr (An affair to remember)

I appreciate intelligence and someone who can talk and laugh and enjoy the time, even if it is an hour over drinks and a bite to eat.

It is important to be realistic so it might take some time, some email exchanges and several meetings before we have desert unless we feel the passion and desire, everything is open to discover.

Ideally you are like 40 like I am and I am open to all shades, shapes and sizes and styles. I just love meeting interesting new people who don't judge and know that life is not perfect and we all might need a bit of escape and fun from time to time. But, discretely and smartly and not to change either of our situations.

I will be where my postal code states at 4:30 today if you wanted to see me in-person.

I am told I am easy enough on the eyes and great company.

Happy Friday

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