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FOTILE --------- Kitchen expert, high efficiency, quiet and powerful
All range hood ( hotte de cuisine ) are brand new!!

Features and Benefits:
FOTILE unique technology finely divides the process into three stages (collect smoke, filtrate smoke, emit smoke). For each stage, FOTILE configure the targeted core technology and optimization tools to ensure High efficiency, quiet operation and powerful suction,completely solve the kitchen smoke problems.

1)Depth buffer smoke chamber------ quickly gather leap fumes, prevent leaking smoke.
The unique depth smoke chamber produces negative pressure buffer-zone to quickly gather leap fumes and prevent leaking smoke,to ensure fumes absorption.
2)Clean & Clear Filter------ effectively capture oil while smoothly let smoke pass, no dripping and no clogging,Easy to Clean(dishwasher-friendly).
The double-layer design of FOTILE Clean & Clear filter is such that greasy has double the surface to contact, resulting into more than 2.5 times the oil collected by one-layer filter. This means more oil caught, which also protects the motor. 25° angle design lets oil and grease glide fast, preventing oil accumulating into droplets on its surface. With a staggered double layer array and semi-arc oil capture system, suction power loss is 5-10% less than an ordinary filter, and the airflow is increased 0.5-1m³/min .The semi-arc surface, simple form, and unblocked mesh formation of the filter means easy cleaning with a single wipe.
3)Silent Turbine------More Suction Power, Less Noise.
The bottom part of the turbine uses a silent flow arc design, which, by using the COANDA effect, guides fumes through smoothly and effectively reduces noise generated. Double-sided impeller design doubles turbine suction power.
4)Varied R Air Passageway------Reduce the noise level and stridence feeling.
The Varied R Air Passageway partially offsets the noise caused by the movement of the hood motor and air flow,keeping sound to a minimum. The nautilus air passageway designed according to the logarithmic curve shape based upon a nautilus’ natural shape. Almost no turbulence is present as a result, meaning the passage of air with little resistance.Materials used in the Varied R Air Passageway way is 0.8mm high-grade galvanized steel that can withstand high temperatures and erosion, while impeller is made with imported galvanized steel with a non-stick organic silicone coating to keep grease from accumulating. All this will maintain a balance in the range hood workings, enhancing grease separation from components.
5)Package with 2 meters smoke tubes of aluminum foil, aluminum foil tape and power cord.
6)Fashion and stylish, match all cabinet.

1. FOTILE 30" Powerful stainless steel range hood(hotte de cuisine)

Product Basic Size(mm) W*D*H: 745*520*505
Power supply: 110V/60Hz
Noise level(dB): ≤55(Sone≤3.0, quieter than others in the market)
Motor power ( W ) : 189
Illumination power(W) : 15
Net weight ( Kg ) : 20
The air flow(CFM): Up to 800CFM
Filter: Clean and clear filter
Mount style : Wall mount
Vent style: From top with round : 6”
Product Basic Dimensions: (picture 5)
Telescopic decorated cover(Chimney) is included in package(suitable for 8ft ceiling).
(Option: Extended telescopic decorated cover, Suitable for 9ft to 10ft ceiling)
** If there is a cabinet above your stove, you must check the dimension of the cabinet to ensure you can totally put the range hood inside your cabinet. That means the depth of the cabinet should be much than 282mm, the height of the cabinet should be much than 440mm, the width of the cabinet should be much than 332mm.**

Regular price: $1099.99 +tax, On sale now$599.99 +tax , please visit our store for details.

2. FOTILE 30" Arc Glass European wall mount powerful range hood (hotte de cuisine)

Product Basic Size(mm) W*D*H : 748*500*565
Power supply : 110V/60Hz
Noise level(dB): ≤55 Sone≤3.0quieter than others in the market)
Motor power ( W ) : 200
Illumination powerW: 15 x2
Net weight ( Kg ): 23
The air flow(CFM): Up to 800CFM
Filter : Clean and clear filter
Mount style : Wall mount
Vent style : From top with 6 inch round
Telescopic decorated cover(Chimney) is included in package(Suitable for 8~9ft ceiling)
(Option: Extended telescopic decorated cover, Suitable for 10ft ceiling)

Regular price: $999.99 +tax, On sale now $599.99 +tax, please visit our store for details.

3. Option:
1) 30” X 30” Stainless steel back splash $85 (Picture 8)
2) Extended telescopic decorated cover $85 (Suitable for 10ft ceiling)

FOTILE range hood video Ad on Youtube, please check: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=en0QFkjSUSc

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