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Lesbian fiction 108 books (mostly mysteries) - $150 (NDG)

108 books
$150 for the whole lot
All in great condition. Soft cover. Pick up only.

Ali Vali  Second Season
Allison Green  Half-Moon Scar
Amy Oleson  Love & Memory
Anne Seale  Packing Mrs. Phipps
Angie Vicars  Treat
Barbara Davies  Rebecca And The Highwayman
Beth Moore  Out Of The Fire
Bett Norris  Miss McGhee
Carla Blake  Protection
Claire McNab  Blood Link
Claire McNab  Murder At Random
Claire McNab  Death By Death
Claire McNab  Fall Guy
Claire McNab  The Dingo Dilemma
Claire McNab  The Wombat Strategy
Claire McNab  The Kookaburra Gambit
Claire McNab  The Quokka Question
Claire McNab  The Platypus Ploy
D Jordan Redhawk  Castle Walls
Diana Tremain Braund  The Tides Of Passion
Dorothy Clarke Touch Of Music
Ellen Hart  The Mortal Groove
Ellen Hart  The Iron Girl
Ellen Hart  An Intimate Ghost
Ellen Hart  The Cruel Ever After
Elizabeth Sims  Lucky Stiff
Elizabeth Stark  Shy Girl
Gerri Hill  Gulf Breeze
Gerri Hill  In The Name Of The Father
Gerri Hill  Hunter's Way
Grace Lennox Not Single Enough
Gwen O'Toole  Slow Blind Drive
Hannah Rickard  Guarded Hearts
Jaime Clevenger  All Bets Off
Jaime Clevenger  Whiskey
Jane Fletcher  The Exile And The Sorcerer
Jane Fletcher  The Traitor And The Chalice
Jane Fletcher  The Empress And The Acolyte
Jane Rule  Desert Of The Heart
Jacqui Singleton  Heartstone & Saber
Jeanette Winterson  The Passion
Jeanette Winterson  Sexing the Cherry
Jeanette Winterson  Oranges are not the only fruit
Jen Wright  Killer Storm
Jennifer Harris  Pink
Jlee Meyer  First Instinct
Judith Frank  Crybaby Butch
Judith Katz  Running Fiercely Toward A High Thin Sound
Judith McDaniel  Yes I Said, Yes I Will
Julia Lieber  Ther Came Two Angels
Julia Lieber  The Blue Scorpion
June Arnold  Sister Gin
Karen Williams  Nightshade
Karin Kallmaker  Frosting On The Cake
Karin Kallmaker  Substitute For Love
Karin Kallmaker  All The Wrong Places
Karin Kallmaker  One Degree Of Separation
Karin Kallmaker  Embrace In Motion
Karin Kallmaker  Paperback Romance
Karin Kallmaker  Christabel
Katherine V Forrest  Hancock Park
K.G. Macgregor  Photographs Of Claudia
Kim Baldwin  Hunter's Pursuit
Laurie R King  The Art Of Detection
Leigh Curran Going Nowhere Sideways
Linda Hill  Never Say Never
Linda Innes  Smother
Lisa Shapiro  Endless Love
LJ Maas  None So Blind
Lyn Denison  The Wild One
Lyn Denison  Always And Forever
Lyn Denison  Gold Fever
Lynne Jamneck  Down The Rabbit Hole
Mari SanGiovanni  Greetings From Jamaica, Wish You Were Queer
Marianne K Martin  Never Ending
Marianne K Martin  Love In The Balance
Mary Vermillion Death By Duscount
Megan Carter  Passionate Kisses
Michelle Sawyer  They Say She Tastes Like Honey
Mickey Minner  Sweetwater
Molly Hite  Breach Of Immunity
Morgan Hunt  Sticky Fingers
Nicole Conn  She walks in beauty
Ouida Crozier  Shadows After Dark
Patty G Henderson  Tangled And Dark
Patty G Henderson  The Burning Of Her Sin
Patty G Henderson The Missing Page
Randye Lordon  East Of Niece
Rita Mae Brown  Alma Mater
Robbi McCoy  Songs Without Words
Robin Alexander  Gift Of Time
Rose Beecham  Sleep Of Reason
Sarah Dreher  Stoner McTavish
Sarah Waters  Affinity
Sarah Waters  Fingersmith
Saxon Bennett  Higher Ground
Severna Park  Speaking Dreams
Sharon Gilligan  Faces Of Love
Sheila Ortiz Taylor  Assisted Living ($2 because cover is torn)
Stella Duffy  Calendar Girl
Stella Duffy  Wavewalker
Stella Duffy  Beneath The Blonde
Stella Duffy  Parallel Lies
Stella Duffy  Fresh Flesh
Stella Duffy  Mouths of Babes
Ursula Steck  Laura's War
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