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conditions: Nouv
fabrication/fabricant: Torqeedo
nom/numéro de modèle: Cruise 4.0 Rs

New Old Stock - year 2009 - A brand-new, open box to secure for shipping, undamaged item in its original packaging.

Current models average price $ 5200.00.

15 available..

Cruise 4.0 R Engine(HP): Equivalent to a 9 HP petrol outboard.

Technical Data Cruise

Cruise 4.0 R
Input power in watts 4000
Propulsive power in watts 2240
Comparable petrol outboards (propulsive power) 8 HP
Comparable petrol outboards (thrust) 9.9 HP
Maximum overall efficiency in %56
Static thrust in lbs* 189
Nominal voltage 48

Total weight in kg 16.1 (S)
Shaft length in cm 62.5 (S)
Standard propeller
v = speed in km/h at p = power in watts v19/p4000
Alternative propeller options v30/p4000, v8/p350
Maximum propeller speed in rpm 1300
Remote throttle
Provision to connect to standard remote steering; lockable
Tilting device
Manual with grounding protection
Tilt angle 61,3°
Trim device Manual, 4-step
Integrated on-board computer Yes
Stepless forward/reverse drive Yes
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