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Where the Scratch Map® map concept started - Scratch Map Original® map is the first Scratch off Map poster we ever designed. Scratch Map® Original map has since become our best selling product, and seems to be a universally popular gift with young and old alike. Whether it's for your jet set sister's birthday, or a well travelled uncle, Scratch Map Original map will look great on any wall! Scratch Map Original map features a gold foil top layer which means that once a country has been visited, the intrepid traveller gets to remove the gold foil layer to reveal beautifully vibrant colours and detail beneath. You'll soon find yourself making excuses not to holiday in the same place every year, or trying to convince your other half you simply must visit Antarctica - all because the race to reveal the Scratch Map poster in it's naked form with no foil left has got the better of you. Thought you weren't competitive? You will be when you get your Scratch Map map and catch the wanderlust bug...

Taking off the gold foil also reveals amazing facts about our world. Packaged in a super high quality matte finish tube, Scratch Map® maps make a truly thoughtful and personal gift; the perfect present for the globe trotter in your life, or maybe the dreamer that always has their next trip in mind. Or better still keep it for yourself and create the ultimate personal record of your travels by tracking all your adventures on your very own Scratch Map poster.

- Remove the foil top layer to record your travels
- Includes US and Australian state lines and Canadian provinces and territories
- For best results use a coin to remove foil
- Made in the United Kingdom

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