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This is your chance to easily earn $100, possibly every week even!

I basically work for an online website similar to Fiverr where customers review my work.

I recently received a bad review and I would like to increase my scoring and need someone's help, as this is my business full time I'm willing to pay you $100

So we would meet at a public place with computers or you can bring your own computer and use it and we meet somewhere public with Wifi for just 20-30 minutes.

We would basically create tasks that amount to $100 and then you would review me after the tasks as 10 stars out of 10

Then I would give you $200 thus you've made $100

You would therefore require to have :

- A credit Card OR A Visa Debit Card ( you can use Visa Debit)

Basically I give you $200, you review me on a $100 job/task and voila you've earned $100!

Does that make sense? Are you interested in helping me out? We could do this every week and you could be a regular client!

This is a very important business for me and I really need someone's help which is why I'm willing to pay you, if we do a $200 job I'll give you $400 so you've earned essentially $200! Sound good to you?

Please get back to me
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