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Social Media Management (Montreal)

Do you want to make the most of your social media accounts? Don't have the time to do it yourself?

No worries!

We help social enterprises like yours transform their online presence into a revenue generator so you can focus more on making a greater positive impact through your business. Instead of wasting precious time and money trying to figure it out in-house.

You probably already know the importance of being online but likely don’t have the time to build a team to do it for you. Heck, we don’t blame you, it is a lot of work.

Which is why we are here for you. Think of us as your in-house solution.

We will work with you to:
- Build a marketing strategy to reach your desired audience
- Maintain you social media accounts and create content
- Interact and develop relationships with your audience
- Develop protocols to integrate with your business
- Create and maintain advertising
- Share monthly reports so that you can stay informed about the progress you are making

What kind of results can you expect?

While every business is different, the results essentially fall under one of these items:
- More followers
- More engagement
- More visitors to your website
- Higher customer retention
- Increased sales volume
- Greater publicity
- New business growth opportunities
- Receive feedback and recognition from your audience

Just imagine what you could do if you didn’t have to worry about managing your social media accounts.

Instead you could spend your time focusing on how to best serve your customers and truly help them in more meaningful ways.

Contact us today and let's use your online presence to build your business! Or feel free to check out our website:

We also offer many other services to help you with your online presence.

Our services include:
- Branding development
- Marketing strategy development
- Website creation, development, and optimization
- Social media management
- Content creation (photography, videography, graphic design, illustration, animation, copywriting)
- Email marketing
- Online advertising (creation, maintenance, and testing)
- Market research and analysis
- Audience engagement and relationship development
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