maak plasing gnstling hitachi-pj-tx200 - $1000 (old town) verskuil hierdie plasing maak sigbaar

maak / vervaardiger: Hitachi
modelnaam / nommer: pj-tx200

Projector "hitachi-pj-tx200 about $937.0

We're always suckers for well-placed curves here at Home Cinema Choice - especially when those curves are accessorised, as they are on Hitachi's PJ-TX200, by an opulent high-gloss finish, extravagant grilles and an elegant colour scheme.

The projector's connections are solid enough, featuring the de rigeur HDMI and component jacks for high-definition duties, plus a PC jack, the usual S-video/composite video stuff, and a 12V trigger jack.

The TX200's LCD panels deliver a 1280 x 720 native resolution and, according to Hitachi's specifications, a contrast ratio of 7000:1. This is achieved via a dynamic iris system, whereby the projector continually assesses the content of the source image, and adjusts how much light the iris lets out accordingly. Note that while it's not exactly a 'cheat' method, this system means you'll only get even close to the 7000:1 contrast ratio maximum by sacrificing quite a bit of brightness during dark scenes.
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