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rue De Toscane

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conditions: Nouv
fabrication/fabricant: Home made

Can run on power supply or battery, I can add more features depend of your need. Description: Home made based on Arduino UNO and Bluetooth HC-06. The Batteries charge can be maintained by solar panel implementation and protected by 2S 2 Series Li-ion 18650 Lithium Battery Charger. The program is already set up and ready to run. Easy way to set date and time wirelessly by computer or by Android Phone. Data updates every 5 seconds. Can operate with 2 LiPo (18650) batterie {supported by Solar Panel (option)}. Signal strength is enough to cover 10m distance. Operation mode if connected to DC power supply is 5V-12V. Can operate in extreme. temperatures (-30 -40);

Data collection 18 meters, 59 feet //Above the sea level -12.50 C, 9.50 F //Temperature outside 1012.21 mb, 1014.37 mb //Pressure outside 18 meters LightLevel 723 Sunny // Day, Night, Obscure and Sunny Battery Voltage 7.95 //Displays voltage level of the operating board Humidity 79.00 //Humidity DHT 11 sensor Wednesday 06.03.2019 -- 20:23:27 //Set data and time wirelessly
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