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conditions: excellent
type média: vinyl

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9 boxes (13" * 13" * 13") of Jazz and Blues records, ~ 80 records per box (total weight ~ 600 lbs)
Highly collectible
Includes boxsets and Asian pressings (see photos)
Mostly in "very good" and "like new" condition
No cherry picking, sold as one bulk lot
FREE SHIPPING to South Korea, Taiwan, Japan, most of Europe, most of China, and the contiguous 48 states in the United States

Price: $4499 including free shipping as described above
​($500 discount for pick-up in our warehouse)
Payment in cash or by paypal, ACH, or check (has to clear before we ship)

BklynBooks has aggregated bulk lots of CDs, DVDs, Books, Vinyl records for Ecommerce sellers for the last 19 years.

Why buy high-quality bulk lots ?
​Our lots are not pre-screened or picked over
We do not sell individual items on Ebay, Amazon, or any other selling platform. Therefore you won't risk buying our leftovers.
All damaged items have been removed
Hardly any multiples of the same title
We do NOT buy at auctions. We do NOT buy remainders, returns or hurts. We do NOT deal in ex-library books. We do NOT buy from charities. We do NOT buy aged Amazon inventory

​Who buys from BklynBooks?
Amazon 3rd party merchants (FBM = fulfilled by merchant), Ebay resellers, Etsy- and Instagram sellers in the U.S., Asia, Europe, Africa, and the Caribbean
Amazon FBA sellers (fulfilled by Amazon)
Used book- and record stores in the United States and other English speaking countries
Flea market sellers
Dollar stores, Suppliers of gas stations
Most of our buyers are regular repeat customers who like a reliable, long-term supplier of high-quality inventory with low no-haggle pricing

Why are our lots unique?
1. Our lots are not discarded inventory from libraries or charities that have been picked over. To the contrary, we throw away all the damaged and worthless items you would get from Goodwill or libraries.
2. Our lots are not acquired at liquidations, auctions, or remainder fairs.
3. Our lots have not been picked over or screened by AMZN FBA sellers or other online sellers.

How can you inspect our lots?
1. In our warehouse any day, including weekends
2. We are within 45 minutes from Newark-, La Guardia- and JFK airport and right at an I-80 exit.
3. Watch our YouTube videos
4. Send a NY-friend you trust.
5. Schedule a video call from your cell phone or computer using Google Duo during which you can view all the items with our cellphone becoming your camera.

Shipping and Freight
We offer free pick up at our warehouse or shipping at cost. We book the carrier and handle all paperwork. Shipping costs are often less than expected

​Procedure for in-person inspection in our warehouse:
By appointment only.
Not more than one person.
No bags, backpacks, heavy overcoats, laptop cases, etc.
Nothing that could be used to conceal a valuable record, book, or CD on your way out.
Scanners, laptops, and smartphones for price scanning are okay.
2-hour maximum inspection time.
Absolutely no cherry picking.

Why do we impose these restrictive rules?
Years ago we got burned when a guy stole approximately ten records with a retail value of over $2,000 from one of our lots while inspecting the records in our warehouse. The ultimate buyer compared the lot he bought with the photos and discovered that certain items were missing.
We also won't respond to requests to make an exception and sell just one special record for $20 because we know that this record is probably worth $500 and has to remain in the lot. Therefore absolutely no cherry picking, no matter how heart breaking the explanations are ("My grandfather played on that record!") or how high the dollar amount offered is.
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