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My name is Jackson and I am an entrepreneur (former university student, professional boxer, former business owner, trainer and personal networker) that has over 8 years of experience in the entrepreneurial field. Recently my mentor has offered me to motivate, inspire and educate (financial education) for those who are in need to find a purpose whether it is for this year or life.

Every Saturday, several of my business associates and I offer free sessions to those who are willing to learn a skill set, curious about what our education is all provides , or why our meetings holds value.

What do the sessions offer?
-Intro to foreign exchange markets
-Intro to cryptocurrency
-Intro to the education (financial) platform

What is the main focus?

The objective of the session is to educate the purpose of understanding personal financing, learning a skill set, avoid assumptions on finance and inspire as much people as we can.

Linkedin: linkedin.com/in/Jackson-nguyen-94399115b
Instagram: jacksonh.n
Snapchat: jacksonh.n

***Please contact me in advance before attending so I can reserve a room***

Thank you

Jackson Nguyen

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