Give Value to Your Property - SEEK 4 1/2 (MONTREAL)

Give Value to Your Property: 
Professional Massage Therapist  searching for a 4 1/2 apartment.
I live alone - with a small quiet cat.
I have my own furniture and house machines - Laundry, Dryer - Everything.
I am working by myself for some time now - and I have a permanent clientele.
My clients are coming only ONE -  BY - ONE.
And they all require peace and serenity.
(Massage requires peace and serenity.)
Because people come to me - I have to have the place always VERY CLEAN and DISINFECTED.
(According to the rules of my association).
So, I am obliged always to take very good care of the maintenance of the apartment.
Therefore if I rent an apartment:
1. All my regular clients will get to know my new place - so the building is going to be "published".
2. I will take very good care of the apartment - because I am obliged to do so.
I need to find a place easily accessible by BUS & METRO, in order to be easy for my clients to come.
I have stayed in my present location for more than 12 years.
Here I have a 5 1/2 and I pay $ 700 - heated.
Unfortunately I need to move.
Because the building is falling apart and the owner does not do anything.
All my clients told me that I need to move.
I am professional - and I always pay my bills.
BUT - My only income is my job.
So, I have to find something affordable.
Looking forward to hearing from you.

IDannonce: 7745430821


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