DURABLE, Resilient, DI Installation, Easy to Clean Cork Gym Flooring!! - $4


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When You Need A Solid Durable Flooring For Your Gym, Then Look To Cork. Cork Flooring Helps Absorb Some Of The Shock Of Fitness Workouts With Its Resilient And Flexible Qualities. Over Half Of Cork's Volume Is Air. It Provides A Strong And Supportive Base Similar To Wood Flooring. And Cork Can Restore And Maintain Much Of Its Form After Pressure Is Put On It. It Works Well For Gentle Activities Like Yoga, But It Can Also Handle High-Impact Ones Like Jumping Rope Or Kickboxing. Check It Out.

Are you a buyer who likes to view the actual product? No problem. We carry samples of all our cork lines. We highly recommend that customers make purchasing decisions after having seen and touched our sample pieces. When you are ready to buy, we are ready to ship. It is that easy. Visit our website to order your free samples.

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Cancork Floor INC
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