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Ash Wood in Cork Plank Flooring is Scratch Resistant, Comfort to Walk! - $4


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Love a warm floor that is comfortable to walk on, but think carpet is the only option? Or are you in search of an alternative to carpet without losing a soft warm floor beneath your feet. Look to cork then for the answer. The thermal insulating property of cork makes it one of the best natural insulators. So a cork floor surface acts like a carpeted surface, by being warm to the touch, just without the coarse hairs. Because of this capability you can still run around on bare feet, even on cold winter mornings.

Cork is not the same as its hardwood cousins; you get a material that has a certain amount of give to it. Like memory foam, cork is made up of a cellular structure that incorporates millions upon millions of airtight cells. These cells give cork the ability to compress under pressure and regain its shape. So you get a softer surface to walk upon that will actually provide support for your feet and back. Ideal for the kitchen or home gym

Air is one of Nature’s great insulating materials; and cork is full of it. Not only does air prevent heat loss, it also prevents sound transmission between floors. Cork is a great choice for intensive building projects such as apartment buildings or condos where there is a need to reduce sounds.

As an inexpensive, naturally renewable resource the industry is turning to cork as an important sustainable option for flooring material. Cork is made using only the bark of the tree, after which the tree is left for the next nine years to regrow its bark. This bark harvesting is done very carefully and with as little damage as possible to the tree, so it will outlast you and me. Talk about ‘green’. Cork presents the beauty of wood without the killing, which makes it perfect in the age of ‘Green’.

Cold winters and hot summers and you’re stuck in the middle. But what if you can find a flooring option that helps keep your home ambient without the big bills. Well it’s here. Cork. Yep as a flooring material it’s a great addition to any home. Because this great option also works as a natural thermal barrier. Put cork on your floors, feel the warmth.

Check out our online gallery today at, we offer substantial savings on retail cork floating cork flooring! We can save you money by cutting out the middleman; so you don’t get those extra retail price markups. Our floating floors and glue-down tile options offer incredible saving. Come see our complete line today at Let’s start shopping and saving you money
Cancork Floor Inc
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