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Cork flooring is actually made from the bark of the cork oak tree, a species prevalent in the Mediterranean region. This is a 100% recyclable and sustainable resource as no tree is cut down to provide the source material. The honey-comb structure of cork itself gives it the ability to insulate against thermal and acoustic transfer. The waxy substance, Suberin, generated in cork protects it from liquids, bugs, mold and mildew. Go barefoot on a cork floor and feel the difference in terms of surface hardness/harshness and contact warmth. And when compared to the dust, dander and dirt that carpets collect, you’ll breathe easier with cork as it doesn’t want them.

The second is that these air filled chambers also helps to give cork its insulating properties, which is great. In the winter the floor does not get too cold and in the summer it does not get too warm. This means you do not need to raise or lower your thermostat too much, which can go a long way in reducing your power bills. Come visit us. We’ve recently added a new pattern to our 12mm cork floating floor line, Berber. It looks like a tight weave, just like traditional Berber carpeting or textile, but visually invokes a birch-like appeal. Take a look and let Berber impress you.

Go ‘green’ with environmentally sustainable cork floors. Production of cork flooring is eco- friendly. No cork trees are cut down; only the bark is harvested without harm to the tree. These trees have a life expectancy of 200+ years. Resulting in the fact that cork is a truly sustainable natural resource. Cork flooring blends in well with other decors as it comes in a variety of styles, sizes and patterns to meet your needs. So check it out today.

Warehouse pricing to save you money. With over 60 different stains and patterns to select from the choose is your. Shop today by visiting our website and ordering your samples.


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