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Cork carries similar aesthetic beauty to other hardwoods and does durable as well, but did you know cork does a lot more than its cousins. Most hardwoods can’t warm your basement unless you’re using it as fuel. Cork on the other hand is made up of millions of trapped air pockets that provide a barrier against the transfer of heat or cold. So a frozen concrete subfloor has less of a chance of leeching into a cork floor to affect the ambient temperature in the room. Help your basement stay warm and dry with a cork floor.

Can you hear your kids in the playroom just a little too much? Want to dial it down without depriving your kids of playtime? Go with cork tiles, panels or underlay to sound proof your walls and be wowed at the difference. Cork is a natural sound inhibitor and used as sound proof insulation is one of the best ways to diminish noise transfer in your home. We’ve got different styles and designs for flooring and walls, so whether your only looking at one option or both you’ve got choices. The freedom of sound proof insulation in your home is left to your own imagination.

Cork flooring is the ‘green’ mainstay.. Unlike hardwood flooring where the tree is actually cut down, cork is acquired from the bark of the cork oak tree. Only a thin outer layer of bark is carefully peeled off the tree and no injury or damage is inflicted to the tree itself. Perfect for sustainability and for ‘green’, huh? Able to withstand decades of use, you’ll feel good knowing you’ve installed a ‘green’ flooring material in your home.

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