Cork Floors will Rock Your Basement!! $5.89 - $6 (Montreal and surrounding areas)

Cork Floors will Rock Your Basement!! $5.89 1 thumbnailCork Floors will Rock Your Basement!! $5.89 2 thumbnailCork Floors will Rock Your Basement!! $5.89 3 thumbnailCork Floors will Rock Your Basement!! $5.89 4 thumbnailCork Floors will Rock Your Basement!! $5.89 5 thumbnail
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fabrication/fabricant: Cancork
nom/numéro de modèle: Leather
If you have a basement that is damp and has that wonderful mildew smell, we can help fix that. Cork floors produce a high concentration of suberin, which repels moisture. Since it repels moisture termites, dust mites and other pests, along with mold and mildew will find a place to find a home. Come see our complete line of cork flooring today like our Luxury 12mm Leather, available for $5.89 a square foot, by visiting our online showroom at cancork.com.

Our cork flooring tiles and planks come in different colours and designs, so in whatever space a cork floor is installed, we guarantee it will attract attention. On top of that, technology and innovation have made them even more eye popping and able to imitate many hardwood grains.


Leather – 1/2″ (12mm) – Cork Floating

Cancork Floor INC.
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