faire de cette annonce un favori Barbie Expo exhibit woman on Saint Patricks day (downtown) cacher cette annonce montrer

Please if you know who this woman is, please let her know I am looking for her...she said it was ok to take pictures of her inside the Barbie doll Box prop, she was dark her , dark skin and she was wearing a blue and white ORIGINAL sport suit with a black tuque..she was with 2 very nice looking women as well (maybe they were all models?) I got the pictures to prove!!!!! friend was being an ass and he was making my exhibit visit a fiasco and then she dissappeared..I forgot even to ask for her name..I wanted to show her the pictures .....goshhhhhhhhhh...

Please ! Please! Please tell her that I need to see her again! I am no maniac or stalker just a dummy-artist..

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