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Started in 1970 in Japan Maya guitars are back to serve the great fans of these famous guitars. Now in Canada.

Headlines haven’t been kind to electric guitars. Slipping sales year over year made for a bleak portrait, and by last September, even Eric Clapton wondered if the instrument was on its way out. “Maybe the guitar is over,” he mused, responding to reports that electric guitar sales had crashed half a million in a single decade and that industry leaders Gibson and Fender were both in debt. As if fulfilling prophecy, Gibson, maker of the famed Les Paul model wielded by everyone from Jimmy Page to Slash, announced this month that it is filing for bankruptcy.

Actually, not quite. Guitar sales in many markets are on the rise, and the industry is in one of its more optimistic times.

No one now believe that a guitar should cost $4000.
There is no wood, electronics or mechanics that would cost that much.

The technology is now good everywhere and the knowledge of making guitars is not a secret.

This is what Maya is proposing, Yes they are now made in Thailand but quality is there, components are very good quality, set up is perfect and prices are fair.

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