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Hi, we're currently a 3 piece band (bass, rhythm guitar/singer, lead guitar) looking for a drummer.

We're looking for a drummer who is song oriented: able to play for the song and within the song, and not play OVER the song. This is ultimately the same approach we take for all the instrumentation/arrangements.

Amongst us, we love hundreds of bands, but a few of the essential bands/musicians we love are: buddy holly, the beatles, nirvana, bob dylan, simon and garfunkel, early green day, early weezer (1st 2 albums only) and the strokes.

We're into bands that write good songs and have a strong sense of melody.

We've been playing our instruments for at least 20 years.

We're working on original material and have 10 songs complete and looking to record a full length album once the ideal drummer is found.

You can check out an earlier recorded EP of ours at: www.soundcloud.com/sparklingwhite

Please reply with your biggest influences/favourite bands.


**We are located in Toronto**
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