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Avenue Laurier at Fabre

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Hi, I'm a guitarist/songwriter and I also try to produce my own music, I just moved to Montreal and ordered a guitar so I'm now looking for people to play and create music with...

I'm 28, I've been playing music for 15 years or something, had a few bands and I have experience in studio recordings and live performances...
I'm looking for creative/open minded and passionate people, I play guitar, piano, and I can also sing but I'd really like if other band members could sing as well

Musicwise I love a lot of stuff so i'm really open but ideally it would be something indie/electronic/rock/chillwave (pretty specific huh ?)

Here are some of my inspirations : Bon Iver, Local Natives, Half Moon Run, Tom Misch, Polyphia, Flume, City and Colour, RKCB, Majid Jordan, Phoenix, Death Cab For Cutie, SRV, Vancouver Sleep Clinic, Tora, FKJ, Àsgeir, Foals, Stevie Wonder, Mount Kimbie, Portishead, Of Monster & Men, James Blake, Atoms For Peace... There's a million more but that should give you a pretty good idea

So if you're a DRUMMER, KEYBOARDIST, SINGER, GUITARIST, BASSIST or something else I didn't think about please hit me up !

Here some stuff I worked on a while ago, it doesn't necessary reprensent what I want to do, it's just to give you an idea...




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