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Looking for people to work on music with... I work with both ableton live 9 and hardware tape recorders... I know how to mix and produce, play guitar, bass, tape loops, contact mics, vocals and I'm mostly looking to record and write with like minded people.

For fans of :Coil, Suicide, Throbbing Gristle, The Klinik, New Order, Clock DVA, Cabaret Voltaire, Killing Joke, Broken English Club, HTRK, Whitehouse, Godflesh, Seefeel, Movie Scores(Carpenter, Vangelis on Blade Runner,Thomas Bangalter on Irréversible, Brad Fiedel on Terminator), Big Black, Sade, Alan Vega, Pansonic, Chris & Cosey, Merzbow, British Murder Boys, Borghesia, cindytalk, Factrix, Ron Morelli, Torch Song/William Orbit, Regis, Silent Servant, Sally Dige, Q Lazarus, Wolf Eyes, Aaron Dilloway, Nate Young...
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