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I adore bands like Gregor Samsa, múm, Boards of Canada, etc. Stuff with warm, nostalgic textures and dynamic, progressive song structures. Mixing the best of electronic and acoustic and electric sounds is super effective for musical emotiveness. Dancey stuff like Men I Trust, Daft Punk, Justice, James Brown, Fela Kuti are all great too. Shoegaze like Have A Nice Life and even some atmospheric black metal is all good. Having blast beats and shrieked vocals isn't a necessity for me, though! I just love all sorts of music.

I make electronic beats and play guitar, bass, drums, and sing. It would be great to meet and jam with someone else who wants to make some music like the above.

Since its probably going to have at least some electronic component, I'm not really picky about what you can play. I think playing at least one instrument is essential though. Better if you can play more. I don't want to just be the drummer or bassist or guitarist, but to switch out regularly.

I have a jam space in my apartment in the plateau. It's lower volume so massive volume ain't a thing. I think a subtle volume level is a lot more engaging not only because you don't need to wear earplugs, but using dynamics/volume allows the sound to breathe a lot more. Think Andy Shauf.

I've got a suitcase drum kit, digital grand piano, guitars, bass, amps, etc. I use Ableton and have a Push.

Get in touch if you wanna get together for a low expectations jam!
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