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I offer a singing lessons tailored for singers whatever their level (advanced, intermediate and beginners) who look to develop their singing and interpretation skills in a natural, pleasurable and inspiring way.

Centered on your individual needs, these lessons are carefully designed to enable your freedom and self expression through singing. You'll learn to sing in a way that will foster the release of your emotions and all physical stress. My teaching focuses on breathing, resonance and constructiveness in the body that enable you to extend your register easily and have more voice coming out. You'll get benchmarks to help you during all your learning process, while having pleasure and fun at the same time !

I am a 30 year old international voice teacher and coach. I come from a multicultural background (Paris, Berlin, UK and Lithuania) and am now based in Montreal. I am passionate about creating unique lessons, and working with different artists, professionals and amateurs from all music styles, ages and backgrounds.

Each lesson lasts 50 minutes and takes place in a luxurious and fully equipped studio in a cooperative of professional musicians. This is all located 5 min from the Berri UQAM station with free parking.

Trial lesson : 25$
10 lessons package : 35 $ / lesson
Pay as you go : 40$ / lesson


With insightful guidance and gentle encouragement, Eva has helped me discover a sense of musicality that has eluded me for decades. Every session is focused and goal-oriented, leaving me with a feeling of pride and accomplishment. Most of all, Eva speaks a language that goes beyond theory and touches on the soul of the artist. I am blessed to have her as a vocal coach! Pablo

" I've always wanted to sing but I struggled to use my voice confidently. I've had so many voice teachers over the past 10 years. Eva was the first teacher to really help me get out of my shell and be myself. I believe she's not only a great teacher, but a healer too. She helped me 'sing in the space', to fill up a room with my voice, and feel empowered to share it with others. I was shy and didn't feel like I had the 'right' to sing for people, but she helped me change that attitude. She didn't try to make me someone I wasn't either, but focused on the potential inside. The breathing exercises we did helped me immensely, and when I put on my first show, Eva came to support me and give me feedback. I'm very grateful to Eva for all her help. " Zaid

"At the beginning I was a bit afraid of taking singing lessons but you put me at ease right away, I have to admit I never experienced a singing method like yours before and I LOVE IT! You really unleashed the beast inside me, once the beast was released and tamed a bit I started gaining confidence and I threw to garbage years of fear, doubt and that feel of retaining my voice and for no reason. I also love the fact you're experienced and disciplined and really direct to the point when you see any opportunity to improve my singing. Last week I finished recording my EP and , even when I'm finishing with some sad nostalgia, I'm very proud of my achievement and looking forward to perform on bigger stages, I've got faith in this project and you're a crucial part of it, without your advice I would be still lost in questioning my vocal capacity and without a defined style. I really want to keep improving and keeping my voice healthy and adequate, just like muscles I find it is important to keep it in shape. So thanks A LOT For everything and, again, it's quite a matter of good fortune that you appeared in my life!" Arturo

I am really happy that I found you. I've had 2 other voice teachers in the past and I felt like I was learning but I never felt like I was improving or that I was becoming more confident. With you, I can hear the progress and I can hear the new confidence in myself. You help me with my singing but you also help me with everyday life. I'm less shy and people have noticed. One of my biggest issues has always been my confidence, being open with people and you're helping me so much with that. I'm also very motivated with you, I look forward to the lessons and I'm determined to improve. Tiffany

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