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Seeking Unique, Talented Musicians (drummers, singers/writers)

I find these ads so hard. I'm an experienced gigging musician who hates genres but usually played parts of jazz/funk/folk/rock/blues/electronic. I'm looking for a lot - you ready? OK. First and foremost, don't be a conceited asshole. Next, you don't resort to blues/funk pentatonic guitar wanking - I've done enough of that and am looking to get past it. So I love the blues but 90% of the time, I hate playing it. Also hate "fusion". What do I like? Music that defies genres. People who are more than competent in lots of styles. People with big ears who CAN do it all, but don't because it makes better music. It would also help if you like Tortoise, the Bad Plus, Soul Coughing and Medeski, Martin & Wood - I'd say those are my biggest influences. I love blues and classic rock but don't want to play them anymore... at all. Favourite guitar players are hands down Julian Lage, Lenny Breau, Jimi and maybe Scofield.

I write a lot and have amassed some good tunes varying from jazz to pop to folk to w/e (again I hate genres), but my vocal and writing skills are limited to say the least. I'm interested in making instrumental music and/or finding a lyricist/singer to "fill in the blanks" with what I've written (IE lyrics with a melody).

Age doesn't matter but if it does to you, I'm in my late thirties. If you're going to respond to my add, tell me something important about yourself musically (influences? goals?) to break the ice. Happy jamming!
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