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I hope this isn't a naive notion but I thought I'd give it a try. I've posted a couple clips of two songs below.

I'm an artist that is pretty hard to peg down. I have my own style that doesn't really fit in any slot. I'm not anyone who is known. I've always had this ability to craft songs and pieces of music that people are always telling me are so unique and unusual. It comes so easily to me that I've never really taken it seriously. When I listen to the CBC program C'est Formidable that highlights the music coming out of Montreal/Quebec, I've always been impressed. I think the sensibilities that come out of your area dovetail with mine. There seems to be more of an artistic flair coming out of Quebec...something that's missing in Vancouver.

I recently sent a song to a filmmaker and it was instantly placed in a movie with great enthusiasm. I was very surprised but since then I've thought more about working with a producer who really loves and understands my music and would like to work with me as a partner with the goal of music licencing. Living in Vancouver, this would have to be done remotely.

My music is very cinematic and is well suited for film, TV, video games, documentaries etc. Don't expect hit songs or typical singer/songwriter material. My music is ripe for supporting dramatic scenes on the screen. I have some beautiful songs I feel confident some professional singers/artists would love to cover. Collaborating with a producer who is a known entity that can get these songs into the right hands... songs that we would produce or flush out together, I'm sure would bear fruit.

I have no interest in forming a band. If you like these samples, have any advice and/or want to connect, by all means do. I have dozens of samples to send but I'll just post these two for now. If you want to hear more, just let me know. I write in so many different ways that any two tracks won't give you an idea of the kinds of songs and arrangements I create. If these pique your interest, I'm sure you'll like my other material.

Thanks for looking.

This is one section of a three part song that uses the same guitar loop throughout the three songs that share it. They all run into one another seamlessly with lots of space in between.


This is the section of the song that was placed in the film. The whole song features a horn section, cello and a dramatic break out section that resolves into a gentle hypnotic fade out.


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