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Maxine's Premium Dog Care Services (Mtl, Wstm, NDG, TMR, Outremont, Hampstead, CSL, Mtl West...e)

In need of someone to help you out with your dog? You want the best personal service you can buy? Dogs that come to me stay in a home environment and are treated like a member of the family! Keep reading.......

My name is Maxine.
I am offering services in:
*day care
*overnight boarding

For day care and over night boarding:
I offer a minimum of 4hrs of outside time per day for those young and/or active dogs with very high energy. We go to several different dog parks and dog runs but I especially like to spend time with the dogs at the Westmount Summit Woods. They run and play together and with several other dogs up there for at least 2 hours, per walk. It all depends on what each dog needs for stimulation. I love to watch them run and play and wrestle. Nothing gives me more joy. :)

For older dogs or dogs not requiring as much activity, we do several short street walks per day.......
............whatever each dog needs and they play with each other in the house if they choose to.

Please be aware that i am not a kennel. I have a very small establishment and i take in a maximum of 4 dogs per service so NO dog gets left out of lost in the shuffle. I personally believe people who mass board but are not kennels, are very irresponsible care givers. I personally would NEVER leave my own dog in a situation where he would be forgotten about. I love my dog. He is my family and if you feel the same way about yours, then definitely, give me a call.

All dogs have the run of the house and the choice of where they sleep with the exception of my bed of course. NO DOGS are EVER locked in one room or in cages. As i mentioned, my service is NOT a kennel. They won't go home with flees or ticks or ear mites or kennel cough.....etc.

None of the dogs i take in are cooped up all day. It would drive them mad and make me crazy A tired dog is a happy dog!

I can stay here all day trying to convince you of how amazing my service is but honestly, to know, you would have to try it out. I promise, you will not be disappointed. I am not one of those people who takes in a dog and only lets them out into the back yard and never takes them for adventures. EVERYDAY is a new adventure that the dogs just love!

I also offer two types of dog walking: * private walks and *group walks off leash

Additional service:


And my clients are also buy my "Home Made Crunch Gourmet Treats for Dogs". I have not yet met a dog that isn't crazy for them. They are 100% real lean meat (chicken or pork). No preservatives, no Additives and no Chemicals of any kind and Zero fat! A very healthy treat for your dog instead of those junk treats you buy off the shelves made by large manufacturers. They are made lovingly by hand. They are very fresh since they are only prepared upon ordering and they have no expiration date. You never have to worry they will go bad. They also never crumble and make a mess in your pocket. All my clients are in awe of them and they love the fact that their dogs are getting nothing but a very healthy all natural snack.

For additional detailed information on the services and what they offer to your dog, please contact the link above.
Please mention the type of dog you have, it's age and the type of service you are interested in. Please be aware that rates will not be given out without detailed information on your dog first and the type of service you're interested in.

Plenty of written references upon request. Out of privacy for my clients, i can offer some references to be contacted through e-mail. It will be the person's prerogative to speak with you on the phone.

No unwanted soliciting please. Serious inquiries only!
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