Minolta Bellows Slide Duplicator Minolta 50mm Macro Rokkor Lens - $80 (Montreal)


conditions: excellent
fabrication/fabricant: Minolta

This bellows system and the Minolta lenses can be adapted to any modern mirrorless system for macro photography and for an alternative method to scan your film and slide stock. I have used them with my Sony A7r ii and iii (with a Minolta MD to Sony E mount adapter) and compared them to the famous highly regarded Sony 90mm G Macro. At macro levels, I could barely see a difference between the two if any. I have also used them to digitize my slide and the result is as good as one can get from a high level film scanner (like Nikon Coolscan).

i) Minolta Extension Bellows SR + Slide duplicator(first two pictures)): very clean and all in proper working order. Asking Price: $80.

ii) Minolta 50mm MC Rokkor f3.5 1:2 macro lens. If used with the bellows, it can achieve even higher magnifications. The lens is refurbished and the aperture is de-clicked (good for making movies). The glass is clean. I am asking $40 for the lens.

If you buy both, you can have them for $100 total. Interested people can reach me at afficher coordonnées .
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