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Hi , my names Howard . I'm driving back to Vancouver in a new 2 Seat Jeep , there will be some space in back of Jeep . Looking for someone to go have with me on gas . This trip is not in a rush , lots of time if you like to look around . I've had my stay in Montreal visiting friends and famliy , but time to go back to Vancouver B.C . Would love some one to talk with and may be share the driving . I'm a wellness Counsellor and love people , so I'm looking for a safe , honest , loving person to join this grate adventure across this grate country Canada . The Jeep is built to go off road as well is a 2016 Jeep Wrangler two door with new snow tiers . I'm fully capable as well as the Jeep to deal with all situations . The Jeep has full VHS capability's . I have to say , the ride here 2 months ago was grate . And I know for sure this one home will be one for the books as I've road through the Rocky's Back country on the way here so Whistler is a for sure stop . Figure the trip to be a 5 to 6 day trip , will be stopping at night since it's going to be snow . Bring a camera and a smile . Only have one seat sorry , best candidate will be excepted , leaving Feb/1/2018. Cheers!
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