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This is what I propose:

A gentle, sensual massage... You're naked, lying on your bed. I start by running my hands lightly over your back, your shoulders, your breasts, your hips, your thighs... light enough to raise goosebumps on your skin. You're not sure why, but every time my fingers cross over some totally ordinary place on your body, you shiver. Maybe it's when I touch your shoulders or your arms, maybe behind your knee, maybe the small of your back, etc. It's incredibly relaxing and intimate, but also arousing.

I take my time, touching and caressing every part of your body, including the parts your past lovers usually ignored. I just want to know how you feel, everywhere.

Then I start to lightly kiss your whole body, while still running my hands everywhere constantly. This goes on for a long, long time, until you're completely aroused. Finally, I part your legs and lie with my head between your thighs and lick your pussy for as long as you can stand it. It's completely free and you don't need to do anything to me in return. Interested?

Age, race, etc. are unimportant, but a healthy appetite for pleasure is. (For women only)
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