Do you need help with Excel/VBA/SQL/Power BI? - $1 (Montreal)

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Do you struggle with Excel, VBA, SQL or Power BI etc. Do you need to quickly analyze, visualize or clean up your data? Or are you manually creating reports from multiple sources?
Are you just running a small business and don’t want to invest too much money on reporting, analyst or forecasting tools? But you actually need it!

I am half retired and I have advanced Excel and reporting tools skills over 15+ years of experience including macro programming, I don't want to waste my experience and skills and I am here to help you out;
- Customize and simplify your Excel files
- Teaching, helping on your Excel homework, or test/exam
- Creating pivot tables, slicers and charts from daily, weekly or monthly data records
- Processing large amounts of data and covert to tables, charts, analysis reports or present it in dashboard
- Reports automation; I have been helping my colleagues significantly improving reports work time from 3, 4 hours down to 1~2 min.
- Simplify your daily, weekly, monthly routine spreadsheet tasks, you can even send these sheets via email automatically.
- Creating UI for data entry with auto error checking, updating, query, etc.
- Creating UI for accessing SQL server
- Unlock Macro protected workbook or protected sheets
- Production line, warehouse inventory, labor performance/KPI, auto scheduling, analysis/planning to improve productivity, maintain in healthy level and reduce costs, dashboards …….
- or, you simply just want to solve some Macro, VBA or Excel formulas problems.
- or, you want to create a dashboard on Power BI.
- and a lot of more ..

Please message me with your inquiry. No worry for initial consultation is free.

My rate is flexible and NO FIX NO PAY.

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