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KAKA Industrial 12-inch Pan and Box Description

It is an ideal tool if you need to increase the strength of sheet metal plates with bends, or you intend on fabricating more complicated brackets, such as gussets, boxes, or fixtures. It can bends mild steels up to 20 gauge thick, 12-inches wide with angle 0-135 degrees.

High Quality Construction, and Versatility KAKA 12-inch Pan and Box

KAKA Industrial 12-Inch pan and box brake is tested to survive after many years heavy use. The solid body design and cast iron base guarantee stability when the project is running. This pan and box can bends mild steels up to 20 gauge thick,12-inches wide with angle 0-135 degrees.

It has a removable and adjustable fingers; it can be installed in a variety of positions to accommodate varying widths of metal. It is easy to adjust needed size to ensure accuracy. The sheet metal box and pan is lightweight and easy handle.

Item No. 173101
Model W1.0X305A
Width(in) 12
Thickness(in) 20gauge
Angle 0-135°
Finger Sizes(in) 1(2pcs),2(2pcs),3(2pcs)
Packing size(in) 19-3/4x13-3/4x16-1/4
N.W./G.W.(lb) 62/66
Standard Accessories
Balance hammer

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