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576 Saint-Catherine E

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Are you looking to volunteer your time, talents and energy to a worthy cause?
The "Conscious Affirmative Living Ministry" (C.A.L.M) is recruiting volunteers!

To exemplify to the world the
Conscious Affirmative Living Mindset.

To empower humanity by embodying and illuminating the
Conscious Affirmative Living Mindset
for planetary peace and joyful living.

-We recognize truths residing at the heart of all faiths, and we unite within, and live them, affirmatively.
-We recognize that there is One Conscious Affirmative Living "Source" that loves us wholly and completely.
-We recognize that all people are created equally, and equally important; equally loved by God.
-We recognize that all things are Living, Connected & Divine.
-We are dedicated to strengthening personal commitment and discipline to spiritual awareness and action.
-We Give, Grow & Go by giving to our community and learning from-and with-our community.

The Conscious Affirmative Living Mindset is largely based on spiritual and scientific principles rooted in the Bible as well as all Affirmative, non-oppressive principles observed by all religions, however, it's also a mindset of affirmative action in the realms of commitment, discipline and personal & global responsibility. We are not a religion, cult or sect, we do not hold "religious" status, and we are not directly affiliated with any religious or political group. We are an inclusive, multi/all-denominational 'Omnist' spiritual support community that seeks to incorporate the "Conscious Affirmative Living Mindset" to all we do by setting the example.

Tuesday, January 8th, 2019, 5:30pm.
576 Saint Catherine East, Suite #207, Montreal (Buzz #207)
South-West Corner of Sainte-Catherine & Saint Hubert
(Across from BERRI-UQAM metro station)
Wheelchair Accessible
NOTE: You DO NOT have to be religious or spiritual to participate

* * * * * * * * * * * Volunteer positions we're seeking to fulfill * * * * * * * * * * *

The Associate Spiritual Director partners directly alongside (not under) our Spiritual Director to ensure ongoing development and evolution of our ministry and its services. Responsibilities include assisting the Spiritual Director in various aspects of serving our community including, but not limited to, growing the community, supporting and serving members and volunteers, and presiding over and presenting weekly Sunday services and events. This is an ideal position for a candidate with or without prior "pastoral/chaplaincy" experience but whose path is clearly in alignment with leading and serving an all-inclusive spiritual community. Training is provided for this position and a minimum 1-year commitment is requested of candidate.

The General Manager is responsible for working with Spiritual Directors and Program Directors, as well as providing management for our physical location(s) and providing general guidance support for events. Responsibilities include, but are not limited to, providing assistance to Directors, ensuring order and cleanliness of location(s), ensuring uniforms (where applicable) are delivered to/retrieved from dry-cleaners, ensuring refreshment cabinet is stocked and coffee service is prepared for Sunday Service and other activities, and filling in service gaps in other departments when/where necessary. Training is provided.

A vital part of what C.A.L.M does is helping people get the help they need so they can help themselves to get on with their lives. The role of the Social Resources Director is to research options and help connect individuals in need with those resources.

Our Grief Counsellors play a vastly important role in helping people deal with personal issues and, when their needs surpass what we can offer, assist in finding help from entities outside of our organization (emotional support, medical help, financial assistance, etc.). C.A.L.M is not "in and of itself" a support-group or emotional-support organization; we are first and foremost a Spiritual Support Community. As such, we offer emotional support, encouragement and comforting words within our moral, ethical and legal boundaries, but we also assist in helping connect those who need more than a supportive ear to services that can help them. Candidates with previous experience and/or studies aligned with 'Grief Counselling' are especially invited to apply. Candidates without experience in this field who exhibit authentic interest in filling this position will be trained.

C.A.L.M's "Pro-Change" Initiative endeavors to provide more options and assistance than currently available to women in crisis who are considering terminating their pregnancy. The "Pro-Change" Initiative unites the valid "Affirmative" points of both 'pro-life' and 'pro-choice' positions, while offering new and innovative options to help facilitate a woman's decision about her body, her child, and her life. Understandably, for this particular role, we are seeking a vastly open-minded candidate with a background in Women's Health / Women's Issues. We're also seeking one or more volunteers to assist the "Pro-Change" Director in developing and growing this important project, as well as researching and connecting us to organizations that can help the women and children we serve.

Our Spiritual Support Team (referred to as 'Conscious Constituents') is made up of individuals who take on various roles such as prayer-partners and spiritual supporters. Our 'Conscious Constituents' meet with people after Sunday Services to listen and to pray with them, but they also assist the General Manager with upkeep and preparation of our location(s), and to help fill in service gaps among other departments when/where necessary. No experience is required for this position, but strong personal spiritual convictions (faith) is an asset, as well as the unbiased ability to help others grow their spiritual conviction in alignment with their own religion/faith. Training is provided.

A vital part of C.A.L.M's team of 'Conscious Constituents' is our "One Wing League" (OWL's), our team of devoted volunteers who are committed to participating "when" they can, "where" they can, "however" they can; to help grow our ministry and do their part to make the world a better place for everybody. Responsibilities of the "OWL" Program Director is to SERVE & SUPPORT our beloved OWL's by providing training and support and ensuring their protection as they Serve & Support others. Previous volunteer management experience helpful but not essential for the right candidate. Training is provided.

"OWLs" (One Wing Leaguers)
C.A.L.M's "One Wing League" (OWL's) needs volunteers in any and all disciplines. If you've got a talent or skill or just want to offer some of your free time "from time to time", we'd love to hear from you. As part of C.A.L.M's team of devoted volunteers, your commitment to participating "when", "where", and "however" you can is up to you. Whether you want to help grow our ministry or serve our members or help with activities, or anything else to make the world a better place for everybody, we'd love to meet you. All training & support provided.

If you are interested in these or other possible volunteer positions within our ministry, we invite you to attend our upcoming volunteer information open house to learn more about these positions and about our ministry.

Can't make it to the Open House but still want to volunteer?
Contact us at your own convenience; contact info on our 'CALMAssembly' site (cannot post site here). Please DO NOT send your resume; we DO NOT open unsolicited email attachments or unsolicited regular mail.

Please Note: All position held at C.A.L.M-including that of our Founder & Spiritual Director-is on a volunteer basis. No individual at C.A.L.M receives a salary for their services. All income is 100% directed at serving our community and growing our ministry.
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